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Michael Baran

Framing Digital Media and 21st Century Learning

by Michael Baran November 8, 2012 Framer Reads the News

Two new surveys released last week provide promising evidence that digital technology in classrooms is playing a positive role in children’s skill development. As children learn to navigate new technologies, they become more active in their learning, more self-sufficient as researchers, and more engaged in what they are doing. Subsequently, their higher order thinking skills [...]

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Can Video Games Help Young People Understand Social Issues?

by Michael Baran July 5, 2011 Framer Events

Can video games be used for good? Can video games expand student’s capacities for learning and help them understand social issues? This is the aim of the many who gathered recently in New York City for the 8th Annual Games for Change Festival. I attended this festival because one of the mobile apps I created [...]

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