Framing for the Velcro Memory

by Shannon Arvizu September 11, 2012 Framing Do's and Don'ts

Is human memory more like a filing cabinet or like Velcro? The answer to this question has significant implications for experts and advocates looking to shift the public conversation on social issues. The Heath brothers, in “Made to Stick,” state that the brain stores information more like hooks in Velcro than like empty file folders [...]

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FrameWorks Featured in the NYT: Framing Climate Change for Zoos and Aquariums

by Shannon Arvizu August 27, 2012 Framing in the Field

As part of our commitment to effective science translation, the FrameWorks Institute is working with zoos and aquariums across the country to reframe climate change discussions for the American public. Recently, our work was  featured in the New York Times article, “Intriguing Habitats and Careful Discussions of Climate Change.” Below is an excerpt from the [...]

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Deliberative Democracy Events: Broad Consensus or One-Off Failures?

by Adam Simon August 23, 2012 Framer Reads the News

On the surface, attempts at “deliberative democracy” events look impressive. These are events that bring together large groups of everyday Americans to talk about the problems facing our country. Certainly a lot of work goes into making deliberative democracy events happen: creating briefing materials, recruiting the participants, handling all the logistics and, not trivially, footing [...]

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Guility or Empowered? New Greendex Study Reveals the Role of Culture in Consumer Behavior

by Shannon Arvizu August 1, 2012 Framer Reads the News

A new Greendex study reveals an apparent contradiction in international attitudes and behavior towards the environment. On the one hand, countries that rank high on green consumer behavior also “feel guilty” for not doing more. On the other hand, countries that rank low on green consumer behavior (the U.S. included) also “feel empowered” that they [...]

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There is More to A Smile Than Just Happiness – Finding Culture In Simple Gesture

by Erika Rydberg July 27, 2012 Framer Reads the News

When visiting my sister in South Korea, I spent time in the classroom with her students during her English class. At the end of my week at school, I found myself surrounded by small children excited for a picture with their guest. Small hands rose up each forming the letter “V” for these photo shoots. [...]

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Framing in the Field: How to Build Support for Funding Children’s Programs

by Shannon Arvizu July 16, 2012 Framing in the Field

How can child advocates communicate a strong message to legislators to avoid the upcoming budget sequestration cuts to children’s programs? At a recent joint conference in D.C. sponsored by Kids Count and Voices for America’s Children, the FrameWorks Institute presented a hands-on workshop to help child advocates in this endeavor. The majority of the advocates [...]

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Ecological Citizenship and The Search For Values After Rio+20

by Erika Rydberg July 3, 2012 Framer Reads the News

What do citizens and world leaders think of when they hear the term “ecological citizenship”? Can the value of “ecological citizenship” be the pathway towards more effective environmental policy in the 21st century? Andrew Revkin of The New York Times reported after the Rio+20 conference that this value may have more success in galvanizing citizens [...]

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SWAMPED! FrameWorks’ New Launchpad for Learning

by Roshan Ghimire July 2, 2012 Framing Do's and Don'ts

When you hear the word “gaming,” what do you think about? For many people, gaming evokes images of couch potatoes and gory violence; of time wasted and disapproving parents. But we’re moving toward a world in which people will hear “gaming” and think “learning.” In our research on Digital Media and Learning, we at FrameWorks [...]

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How to Connect Extreme Weather to Climate Change? Use Social Math

by Shannon Arvizu June 21, 2012 Framer Reads the News

“No longer is global warming an abstract concept, affecting faraway species, distant lands or generations far in the future. Instead, climate change becomes personal. Its hand can be seen in the corn crop of a Maryland farmer ruined when soaring temperatures shut down pollination or the $13 billion in damage in Nashville, with the Grand [...]

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Do We Need Different Messages for Influencing Policy Makers?

by Shannon Arvizu May 30, 2012 Framing FAQs

Influencing policy makers is essential for social change. Do we need different messages for policy makers? Do policy makers have different cultural models? Recently, in response to a presentation of the first stage of our descriptive research on Environmental Health, this question was sent from experts in the field to our research associates, Nat Kendall-Taylor [...]

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