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Culture Happens to Anthropologists Too – A Reflection on Public Attitudes Towards Education

by Nat Kendall-Taylor September 20, 2011 Framing in the Field

  “A teacher has to be caring…that’s really about it.” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve asked someone how to improve education and gotten an answer like this, I’d be…well, you know the script. As an anthropologist who three years ago turned the ethnographic eye from wildly exotic cultures (think the Swahili Coast [...]

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Visual Framing: Getting People Into the Picture

by Robert Shore July 20, 2011 Visual Framing

How can we use visuals to enhance the effectiveness of our communications on social issues? A couple of well-chosen photos can really help make your communications more engaging. Whether it’s a brochure, a blog post, a print ad, or a PSA, visuals can actually help people think about your issue more easily. However, it’s important to [...]

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