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A Framer Reads the News: Who Is Responsible for Ecosystem Collapse in the Ocean?

by FrameWorks Institute July 12, 2011 Framer Reads the News

How do we communicate effectively about the changes occurring in our ocean ecosystems? The FrameWorks Institute is currently working with aquariums and zoos around the country as part of our Study Circle engagement on how to share this important story with the public. As in all Study Circles, participants learn how to deconstruct the news to [...]

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FrameWorks Helps Ocean Scientists Communicate on Climate Change

by Shannon Arvizu June 23, 2011 Framer Events

We depend upon our oceans for life on this planet. Our oceans not only provide food that we eat, but they also regulate the air that we breathe. However, climate change is disrupting the ocean’s ecosystem and its abilities to provide these services. How can scientists communicate effectively to the public about the effects of [...]

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