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Hunger is Not a Game: Can Movies Translate into A Movement?

by Shannon Arvizu April 11, 2012 Framer Reads the News

Can blockbuster Hollywood movies translate into civic action? If so, how does the power of narrative mobilize moviegoers into citizens? These are questions I have been thinking about with the recent “Hunger is Not a Game” campaign. The campaign is led by the Harry Potter Alliance and supported by Oxfam. The approach is simple. “The [...]

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FrameWorks Helps Ocean Scientists Communicate on Climate Change

by Shannon Arvizu June 23, 2011 Framer Events

We depend upon our oceans for life on this planet. Our oceans not only provide food that we eat, but they also regulate the air that we breathe. However, climate change is disrupting the ocean’s ecosystem and its abilities to provide these services. How can scientists communicate effectively to the public about the effects of [...]

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Can Hollywood Spark An Education Revolution?

by Shannon Arvizu May 19, 2011 Framer Events

The entertainment industry is often blamed for promoting ideas and images that hinder children’s educational development. This week, however, we were introduced to a new way of thinking about Hollywood at a Cooney Center Leadership Forum entitled: “Learning From Hollywood: Can entertainment media spark an education revolution?” Much of the first day of the event focused on how the [...]

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Reframing Digital Media for Learning

by Shannon Arvizu April 21, 2011 Framing in the Field

What do the media talk about when they discuss digital media and learning? In what ways does the media’s framing of this issue influence public opinion? The FrameWorks Institute (with support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation) recently published a report this month entitled, “Where’s the Learning? An Analysis of Media Stories [...]

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