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Kony 2012: When is a story too simple?

by Shannon Arvizu April 2, 2012 Framer Reads the News

By now,  many of you are familiar with the Kony 2012 campaign. As the story of war children in Uganda has gone viral, we at FrameWorks are thinking about the effectiveness of the narrative used in the 30-minute documentary. There are three take-aways from this project that are useful for us to consider as storytellers [...]

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Occupy: Flash Mob Politics or Social Movement?

by Frank Gilliam October 9, 2011 Framer Reads the News

One of the most interesting and entertaining phenomena of this political season is the so-called “Occupy” trend. Started a few weeks ago by a group generally referred to as Occupy Wall Street, people have been gathering at city halls, corporate headquarters, and other institutions of power across the United States to protest a wide range [...]

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