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Occupy Wall St – The Power of the “99 Percent” Stories

by Shannon Arvizu October 12, 2011 Framing in the Field

The most provocative symbol from the Occupy Wall St protests thus far has been the proliferation of the “99 percent” signs. These signs are ubiquitous now – both on the streets and on the web (where anyone can upload a pic on the We Are the 99 percent blog). Why have these signs become so [...]

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Why is Storytelling Important? Vonnegut Tells Us Why

by Tia Remington-Bell June 23, 2011 Framing FAQs

How does the public make sense of incoming information? Through stories. What kinds of stories help the public make sense of information on social issues? Thematic stories. People process new information best through narrative structure. Kurt Vonnegut, the famous American novelist of  Slaughterhouse-five and Cat’s Cradle, knows this well. Watch this entertaining lecture as he lays [...]

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Framing FAQs: Why Shouldn’t I Tell Personal Stories?

by Shannon Arvizu May 25, 2011 Framing FAQs

Question: “Why shouldn’t I tell personal stories?  The media wants them, legislators love them, and I think they can really touch people’s hearts.” Answer: This is a question we are often asked by organizations that are new to framing. Public relations experts commonly advise advocates to communicate their messages through vivid personal stories. These stories are often [...]

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