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FrameWorks Academy is an online platform for multimedia classes in framing. Through a mix of engaging film and animated lectures, interactive quizzes and games, and practical guidance on effectively framing public outreach and policy communications, issue experts and advocates can become more powerful influences on public discourse – at their own pace and schedule. 

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With the generous support of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, FrameWorks Institute’s senior researchers developed this dynamic learning environment with the needs of nonprofit communicators in mind. Learners build their understanding of how communications fits into a larger vision for social change, and develop a systematic understanding of the dominant narratives and patterns of thinking that shape public understanding of an issue. Then, they learn to use tested, reliable communication tools and techniques to reframe communications and change the conversation. Courses feature many of the signature hallmarks of FrameWorks’ presentations, including videos featuring voices from on the street interviews and interactive “swamps” to build understanding of obstacles to effective communications on social issues.

Institutional subscriptions make it possible for groups to develop a shared perspective on communications and a common language on their issue. Invitation-only courses on topics such as early childhood brain development, climate and ocean change, and public health are currently in use by closed networks of researchers, advocates, and government agencies. Let us know if you’d like to learn more about enrolling your network in a custom-designed online curriculum focused on effectively reframing your issue.

Individual subscriptions allow users to enhance their professional capacities at their own pace and schedule. A one-year subscription entitles individual users to access everything in the FrameWorks Academy course catalogue, with courses added regularly thanks to the sponsorship of major foundations. For the cost of a magazine subscription or textbook, and for far less than a workshop, you can take a big step forward in enhancing your mastery of framing as part of your professional capacities.

To enroll:

  • Visit and click the link to “Sign up here.”
  • Register for the site, creating a username and password of your choice.
  • Below the cover-flow view, click the tab that says Subscription.
  • Add an annual subscription to your cart and check out.

What People are saying about FrameWorks Academy

“This course has the potential to help you understand why a particular campaign worked or failed to achieve the results you were expecting. I think this course has the potential to make you a better communications expert and gives you the tools to share with decision makers in an organization why certain verbiage may or may not work.”

“Useful and practical information.”

“Even if you never create mass communications for a public audience, the tools and ideas presented by FrameWorks are invaluable in rethinking how to talk about issues with anyone.”

“The research basis is fascinating and what you share through the Academy adds a fresh lens or another perspective to consider when developing messages for your organization.”

“One of the members of our organization who was able to do the full course continues to rave about it. I think this content is critical for people to study.”

“The Skills and Learning Course changed the way I viewed presenting educational issues.”

“This Skills and Learning course will flip the way you think about talking about education and change within the system. It will give you well-researched tools for communicating complicated ideas and empower you with a deeper understanding of why these tools will work.”

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  March 21, 2014   Updated: 02/13/17