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Leaders across a range of nonprofit organizations are actively thinking about how human services can transition from a charity model to a more progressive approach about providing all Americans with opportunities to succeed and live meaningful lives. FrameWorks was engaged by the National Human Services Assembly (NHSA), with support from the Kresge Foundation, to explore how various ways of reframing the sector could improve public understanding and unite the field around core concepts. This multi-method collaborative project is designed to test communications strategies that can be used by members of the field to generate a broader public understanding of what the field is and does, and, in turn, increase public support for the policies and programs necessary to improve the effectiveness of human services in the United States.


Research & Recommendations

**NEW**  Talking Human Services: A FrameWorks Multi-Media MessageMemo (2015) (PDF). 
This MessageMemo, supported by the National Human Services Assembly, summarizes findings from studies of how Americans view human services – and human well-being – and identification of reframing tools that help the public think about these issues productively. The multimedia version also includes videos that demonstrate the impact of the reframing tools.

Handed to Them on a Plate (2013).
Based on a recent series of in-depth interviews, this Map the Gaps report compares the perspectives of experts and public informants on the function of human services and the meaning of well-being.

Products and Tools

Building a New Narrative on Human Services (2015)
This communications toolkit includes a collection of framing research, recommendations, and sample communications designed to help leading voices explain the importance of human services.

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