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How do you mobilize an entire community to address the issue of improving outcomes for children and youth? In 2013, FrameWorks began a four-year engagement with Jacksonville’s Partnership for Child Health and the System of Care Initiative. As the Initiative works to better integrate the city’s social services for children in general and make dramatic improvements to children’s mental health services in particular, FrameWorks is supporting the initiative’s efforts to build a more robust public understanding of child health and wellbeing. The project, funded through a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, includes original research into how Jacksonville residents currently think and talk about children’s issues, and how the public conversation might be reframed to include a more scientific understanding of the social determinants of child wellbeing. In the work ahead, FrameWorks researchers will be developing and testing framing recommendations that will help community leaders better advocate for a city that fulfills the needs and rights of all of its children. In addition to communications research, this partnership includes deep engagement with community leaders and community members, including youth and families.

Research & Recommendations

Talking Child Well-Being and Public Health in Jacksonville • A FrameWorks MessageMemo  (2013).
This Multimedia MessageMemo summarizes the findings from our research, and provides advocates and experts with a communications map for improving the public's understanding of a number of children's issues in Jacksonville, Florida. It also includes videos and infographics that help show what advocates are up against and how strategic reframing can work to bring people to deeper, more nuanced understandings of children's issues.

New! All Aboard: Explanatory Tools to Talk About Children’s Well-Being in Jacksonville. Reports the results of experimental framing research and recommends ways of explaining “system of care” initiatives to address child mental health. Solid Tracks for Development is an Explanatory Metaphor that helps make the coordination of systems concrete and accessible for the public.

“If You’ve Got a Good Harness on Your Kids…”: Models of Child Well-Being and Learning Among Jacksonville Residents
This report explores the cultural models that Jacksonville residents use to think and talk about children’s issues. By documenting these shared assumptions and understandings, the report identifies features of public thinking that challenge efforts to create broader social change. These challenges set the stage for subsequent reframing efforts.

Stuck in a Tale of Two Cities: Mapping the Gaps on Child Development and Well-Being in Jacksonville
This report maps the gaps between how experts talk and Jacksonville residents think about child development, well-being, and child rights. It describes a set of specific communications challenges, and provides initial strategic recommendations to address these challenges. The report concludes by charting a course for the next stage of prescriptive research.

The Potency of Potential: Values to Bring Jacksonville Together to Support Children (Values report)
This report presents the results of an experimental survey that explores how three values — Civic Potential, Human Potential, and Civic Responsibility — can be used to shift attitudes about children’s issues in Jacksonville. The report concludes with strategic recommendations for using these values to increase support for the policy and programmatic solutions needed to improve the lives of children in the city.

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  Updated: 06/24/16