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Welcome to FrameWorks’ library. Here you can find all of our research and recommendations—from reports to toolkits—on every issue we’ve investigated.

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How to Talk About Government

This Message Brief distills research findings and framing strategies, and offers a summary of key communications strategies on the issue.


Framing Food and Fitness as a Public Issue

Welcome to Framing Food and Fitness as a Public Issue—a framing toolkit of research and applications exploring how Americans think about nutrition and physical activity, the community...


Framing Community Health as if Food and Fitness Mattered

This message memo synthesizes our research and recommends strategies to communicate more effectively about community health issues, such as food and fitness.

Frame Testing Recommendations

How to Talk About Food, Fitness, and Community Health

This Message Brief distills strategies for framing issues like obesity, fitness, and nutrition from a social determinants of health perspective.


Telling the Science Story: An Exploration of Frame Effects on Public Understanding and Support For Early Child Development

This experimental study examines the impact of five key features of the Core Story of Early Childhood Development on public attitudes and policy preferences.


Discussing Public Environments in the Community: A Focus Group Report about Nutrition and Physical Activity

This report recounts findings from focus groups conducted for the FrameWorks Institute as part of a multi-method investigation into how Americans think about community and societal determinants of...


Fostering a Systematic View of Food and Fitness through Metaphor

What metaphors help people see food and fitness as systemic issues, not just lifestyle choices? This study weighs the effects of different comparisons - and finds that some offer more food for...


Calories Not Communities: A Media Content Analysis of Food and Fitness News

A media content analysis to identify the common frames used in the news to communicate issues related to food and physical activity.


Implications of the Consumer Frame for Food and Fitness Cognitive Analysis of Media Depictions

How do advertising and news media affect our thinking about food and fitness? This content analysis identifies common tropes - and the way they influence public thinking about public policy.


Fitness as a Personal Ideal: Findings from Cognitive Elicitations in Colorado and Chicago

A report on additional cognitive interviews conducted in Colorado and Chicago to further test and refine our understanding of the way thinking about food and fitness defaults to individual lifestyle.


Talking Rural Issues

Welcome to Talking Rural Issues—a compendium of research on how Americans think about rural America and the issues that affect it as well as applications materials designed to engage the public...


Civic Wellbeing: An Analysis of Qualitative Research Among California Residents

A report of focus groups conducted to better understand the interplay between this dominant frame and the policies advocates seek to promote, and to probe the ability of such values frames as...