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Brendane Tynes

Brendane Tynes is a Senior Researcher at FrameWorks Institute.

Senior Researcher

Brendane A. Tynes is a Senior Researcher at FrameWorks Institute. Before joining FrameWorks, she consulted and worked with for several nonprofits and think tanks to provide a critical Black feminist framework to their various projects. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Anthropology at Columbia University in the City of New York. She holds a bachelor’s degree with distinction in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Education from Duke University and a master’s degree from Columbia University. As an interdisciplinary Black queer feminist scholar and storyteller, Brendane’s research sits at the nexus of memory and affect studies, critical Black feminist theory, anthropology, and gendered violence. She has over ten years of experience conducting research and organizing with marginalized interpersonal violence survivors. Before pursuing her PhD, Brendane worked as a high school science teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina. To date, her work has been published in The Feminist Wire, Anthropology News, Feminist Media Studies, and Transforming Anthropology, and she is a contributing author to the edited volume Researching Gender-Based Violence: Embodied and Intersectional Approaches.

United States