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Emilie L’Hôte, Ph.D.

Emilie L'Hôte serves as Director of Research at the FrameWorks Institute.

Director of Research

Emilie L’Hôte serves as Director of Research at the FrameWorks Institute. In this role, she oversees all qualitative methods used across projects to ensure high standards of research design, innovation, analysis, and interpretation, and manages a team of senior researchers, research analysts, and project coordinators. She also leads high-profile domestic and international research projects on social justice, equity, and scientific issues.

A linguist, Emilie studies the framing of political discourse, with a specific focus on metaphor as a framing tool. She has written about the role of metaphor in framing abstract issues like globalization and political change; the evolution of political stereotypes in political discourse; and the factors that influence the circulation of metaphors in public discourse. She has taught and researched linguistics at Paris Diderot University and Sciences Po Paris. She has also worked as a translator of social science research and helped organize funding campaigns for the AXA Research Fund, a scientific philanthropy initiative. Emilie received her BA, MA, and MPhil in English and linguistics from the École Normale Supérieure and her PhD in linguistics from Lille 3 University in France.

United States