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Communicating about History: Research Methods and Sample Composition

This supplement provides detailed information on the research that informs FrameWorks’ strategic brief on reframing history and its value in society. We outline the research conducted with...

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Recommendation #10

Keep it positive.

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Sample Email to the Housing Sector

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Sample Email to the Education Sector

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Sample Email to the Health Systems Sector

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When You Say […], They Think […]

This resource, called “When You Say[…], They Think[…]”, explains why certain things public health professionals commonly say have the potential to trigger unhelpful thinking.

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Sample Email to the Business Sector

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QuickStart Guide

When we can anticipate how our communications are likely to be received, we can adjust. Better yet, we can make choices about how to frame our communications that are proven to help get our...

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Reframed Answers to Tough Questions

“Reframed Answers to Tough Questions”, offers guidance on how to respond strategically to FAQs, in order to make the most of these framing opportunities.

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Recommendation #1

Demonstrate your familiarity with the sectors you wish to engage.

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Recommendation #2

Explain the social determinants of health using the Foundation of Community Health metaphor.

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Recommendation #3

Illustrate how the field of public health is transforming to meet 21st century needs.