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Talking about Poverty: How Experts and the Public Understand Poverty in the United Kingdom

This Map the Gaps report compares expert and public views of the causes and consequences of poverty in the United Kingdom and solutions to it.


New Narratives: Changing the Frame on Crime and Justice

The research shows that these strategies can shift and expand public thinking and yield new and more productive public conversations around criminal justice reform.


Communicating Connections: Framing the Relationship Between Social Drivers, Early Adversity, and Child Neglect

This Brief summarizes findings from studies of how the British public thinks about child maltreatment, and lays out a powerful narrative for communicators.


Attending to Neglect: Using Metaphors and Explanatory Chains to Reframe Child Neglect in the United Kingdom

Because neglect is the absence of something, it can be hard for people to think about. Explanatory techniques can help us build understanding of child neglect.


‘Like a Holiday Camp’: Mapping the Gaps on Criminal Justice Reform in England and Wales

This report documents differences in how experts and members of the public understand criminal justice issues.


Taking Responsibility for Solutions: Using Values to Reframe Child Maltreatment in the United Kingdom

This report explores the extent to which values-based messages and narratives affect attitudes about child maltreatment and support for relevant policies.


Talking Responsibility for Solutions: Using Values to Reframe Child Maltreatment in the United Kingdom)

Those advocating for the well-being of children need strategies to help the public recognise that effective action is possible and to raise support for evidence-based solutions.