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Creating Impact

When we change the story and how we tell it, remarkable things can happen. Our work has sparked major changes in public thinking and policy around the world.

Since 1999, we’ve supported nonprofits to communicate more effectively. Our partners have used our insights and guidance to secure more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable policies.

Our work has helped scientists to bring about better support for children and families. It has helped visitors at zoos and aquariums learn about climate change. In the UK our work is changing the national conversation about poverty.

FrameWorks’ unique approach helps our partners to have different conversations—and to move away from the stories that hold us all back.

Read on to see how strategic framing has powered innovative campaigns, learn from case studies of coalitions that used framing to drive change, and hear why our partners value our approach.

FrameWorks Board members on impact

“FrameWorks forces us to look at how culture has shaped the way we approach social issues—that in itself is an important contribution—but then FrameWorks goes a step beyond and asks, ‘how could you think about these social issues in a way that would allow you to actually make the world a better place?’”
Susan Nall Bales

“I participated in every training opportunity I had to hear more from FrameWorks research…We saw the difference it makes.”
Linda O’Neal


“FrameWorks started with the idea that you could merge…data and experience to get people to see the world from a different perspective.”
Frank Gilliam


“FrameWorks embedded in our minds that communications is a science. That changed the way that people in nonprofits think.”
Linda Bowen


Partners in Impact

For more than two decades, FrameWorks has collaborated with a wide array of foundations, universities, public institutions, social change organizations, and coalitions of advocates to research and develop framing strategies and tools for changing the public discourse on critical issues. Sustained engagement with many of our partners has allowed us to build substantial bodies of expertise and bring together communities of practice for greater impact around the globe in areas like child and adolescent development, social determinants of health, poverty and economic justice, and education.

Some of our many partners can be found here.