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We collaborate with partners around the world to make change happen. We work closely with researchers, advocates, practitioners, and campaigners to shape powerful communications on the most important issues of our time.

  • Catherine Ashford
  • Strategic Communications Manager
  • Crisis
  • London, United Kingdom

“The framing Covid-19 email series from The FrameWorks Institute has been incredibly useful to Crisis during the coronavirus outbreak. It has helped us emphasise the importance of framing at this time, and to give practical advice and forms of words to teams making communications decisions at extreme pace and under pressure. At Crisis we have used the FrameWorks email series as a stimulus to develop tailored guidance on framing homelessness, which is now distributed across our organisation and published for everyone in the homelessness sector to access. The timely, focused, practical guidance from FrameWorks gives a huge boost to our confidence in the framing decisions we are making right now.”

  • Claire Ainsley
  • Former Executive Director
  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • York, United Kingdom

“We know we need to change hearts as well as minds to solve poverty in the UK. Our partnership with Frameworks has been essential to our long-term, evidence-based strategy to build public and political will for change. The framing tools have enabled advocates to have a more powerful voice, a sharper focus and a greater impact.”

  • Benjamin Chambers
  • Communications Director
  • National Juvenile Justice Network
  • Washington, DC, United States

“Those of us in the social justice and human services sectors all want to make the world a better place. We understand that not everyone will share our views, but we’re often puzzled and frustrated when the facts we wield don’t win more converts. Enter the team at FrameWorks. Not only do they have a compelling explanation for why we aren’t communicating effectively, their research with real people gives us evidence-based, field-tested language to reframe our conversations to ensure we’re getting results.”

  • Colleen Bridger, MPH, PhD
  • Health Director
  • Orange County, NC
  • Orange County, NC, United States

“For me, what FrameWorks does is what the Fortune 500 companies of the world have done forever – they do the research to help social advocacy groups know 1) what to say about complex societal issues and 2) how to say it in a way that catches the general public’s attention and then keeps them engaged while we build community will to address these complex issues. Their work is impeccable and unlike any other “social media” or “branding” company I’ve ever worked with. As the director of a public health department, I’ve used their approach to explain a variety of health policy issues to our stakeholders and residents.”

  • Peggy Mueller
  • Senior Program Officer, Education
  • Chicago Community Trust
  • Chicago, Illinois, United States

“The Frameworks Institute has been instrumental in helping us in Chicago to examine the dominant public narrative about education and how to frame more effective messages. The tools this project has created for reframing public messaging about education, its possibilities and proven strategies have already been useful in reframing our communications. We have benefitted from the depth and breadth of knowledge that is represented in this work, both in communications and in education.”

  • Jenna Fournel
  • Director of Communications
  • National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
  • Washington, DC, United States

“The FrameWorks Institute has fueled a sea change in the way the National Council of Teachers of English communicates about its work. As a 100-year-old organization rooted in activism and the power of language we have always been thoughtful about our words, but the strategies FrameWorks introduced us to give us new ways to ensure those words can lead to change.

The real benefit of working with the FrameWorks team is their deep expertise in this arena and the incredible facility with which they can look at your version of a message through the lens of all the research they have conducted over time. Their staff has a wonderful way of showing you where a small tweak can make a big difference – you keep your idea, but communicate it in a way that will actually enable it to be heard.”