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Andrew Volmert, Ph.D.

Andrew Volmert serves as Senior Vice President of Research at the FrameWorks Institute.

Senior Vice President of Research

Drew Volmert is Senior Vice President of Research at FrameWorks. In this role, Drew leads a multi-disciplinary team of social scientists and oversees FrameWorks’ mixed-method research. In this research, Drew and his team examine the tacit assumptions that structure public thinking and develop and test reframing strategies that can drive progressive social change. In addition to overseeing FrameWorks’ research across social issues—including economic justice, health equity, children and youth, and environmental sustainability—Drew has led major initiatives to ground and strengthen mindset shift and narrative change efforts by synthesizing knowledge from across disciplines and fields. He has been with the organization since 2013. In earlier academic research, he explored the relationship between political tradition, national identity, and democratic legitimacy, and he continues to have a strong interest in the relationship between public culture and democracy.

Drew’s work has appeared in publications such as the Stanford Social Innovation ReviewPolitical Studies, and The Good Society. Prior to joining FrameWorks, he taught at Georgetown University and held appointments as Postdoctoral Research Associate and Visiting Scholar with the Political Theory Project at Brown University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in religious studies from Brown University and master’s and doctoral degrees in political science from Yale University.

United States