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Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher serves as FrameWorks’ Director of Administration.

Director of Administration

Beth Fisher serves as FrameWorks’ Director of Administration. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in communications from Towson University, Fisher worked in some of Baltimore’s leading advertising firms as a production manager. She spent 10 years overseeing print production of numerous brochures, outdoor boards, print ads, posters, radio ads, and specialty items. During this time, Beth formed relationships with the industry’s most talented printers, illustrators, photographers, and broadcast production facilities. At the same time, she was busy earning a master’s degree in early childhood development from Loyola College. Since 2003, she has put her management and organizational skills to work for FrameWorks Institute, helping to supervise projects of all sizes and complexities. Beth serves as the President and Co-Founder of Keep Punching, a foundation that supports patients, healthcare providers. and researchers in their fight to prevent and eradicate brain cancer.

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