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Elliot Cohen headshot

Elliot Cohen

Elliot is a Researcher at Frameworks Institute.


Elliot is a Researcher at Frameworks Institute. He completed his Bachelors in Intensive Psychology with a focus on Social Psychology Research Methods from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2016. Prior to Frameworks, he worked as a member of multiple mixed-method research teams, where he focused on a number of issues including framing environmental protection policy and the effects of objectifying media on women and girls’ health. He worked as a Field Researcher and Co-author on the Community Climates Project, collecting and studying LGBTQ+ youth narratives about stigma, mental health, and social support. He also worked as Lead Researcher for a start-up, designing evidence-based interventions for chronic stress conditions. Additionally, he has worked with the UC Berkeley Metaphor Group’s research team investigating the role of metaphor and collective responsibility in public health decision-making. In his most recent role before joining the Frameworks team, Elliot worked as Director of Communications for the political campaign media cooperative Jarrow-Insights, where he helped conduct audience-specific framing analysis and design communications recommendations. He has also worked on several progressive political campaigns at the local, state, and federal level. Elliot is motivated by the belief that collective political subjectivity and a systemic understanding of the causes of exploitation, illness, and violence can lead to a more healthy, just, and free future.

United States