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Culture Change Project Advisory Board

Jeff Parcher

Director of Public Affairs, Community Change

Jeff Parcher is a narrative change expert with more than three decades of experience in research, public debate and communications practice.  As Director of Public Affairs at Community Change, he oversees communications and digital strategy, serves on the executive team and leads a variety of narrative shift special projects.  Jeff has led groundbreaking narrative research around poverty, immigration, housing and most recently economic ideas that build the power of low-income communities of color.  Before Community Change, he worked as a communications consultant with a wide range of clients including Democratic congressional committees, presidential candidates and Fortune 500 companies.  For 12 years, Jeff served as the director of debate at Georgetown University.  During his tenure at the oldest college debate program in the nation, he captured virtually every honor available in modern policy debate, including the 1992 National Debate Championship.  He has a degree in law and in his spare time plays poker and occasionally dreams of an alternative life teaching history at a small sleepy liberal arts college near a beach.

United States