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Rae Jereza, Ph.D.

Rae Jereza serves as the FrameWorks Institute's Senior Researcher

Senior Researcher

Rae Jereza is a Senior Researcher at FrameWorks. They are an anthropologist whose academic research focuses on digital labor, (far) right politics, and discourse on online racism in the U.S. Prior to joining FrameWorks, they taught anthropology and served as Senior Researcher at the Polarization and Extremism Research and Innovation Lab (PERIL) and Research Assistant Professor at American University. Their work at FrameWorks is informed by a commitment to social justice and a critical lens that seeks to reveal – and dismantle – longstanding power dynamics and forms of oppression. Rae received their BA in Sociology and History from Muhlenberg College, MA in Sociology and PhD in Anthropology from Binghamton University (SUNY).

United States