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Culture Change Roundtable: Are Americans Thinking More Systemically?

Watch the first in our series of conversations with progressive leaders about the implications of shifting mindsets and their impacts on health equity, the economy, race, and politics.
July 12, 2022
Convened by
The FrameWorks Institute
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For the past two years—amid a global pandemic, widely publicized calls for racial justice, and political and economic turmoil—researchers at the FrameWorks Institute have been investigating how our current period of societal upheaval is affecting Americans’ mindsets about important cultural issues. Do people attribute racism to personal or systemic factors? What about health disparities or economic inequality?

Early findings from the Culture Change Project show that while individualistic thinking remains a dominant American mindset, people are increasingly thinking at a more systemic level about some (but not all) of these issues.

But what do these shifting mindsets mean for progressives working for social change? How can this rise in systemic thinking inform our communications moving forward?

This discussion is the first in a three-part roundtable series designed to help participants move the needle on social change initiatives by better understanding the connection between movements and mindsets.