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Time for change: Framing to move minds

“There needs to be a lot more explanation about how systems have been set up historically to favor certain groups. The answer is not a one sentence slew of magic words that will suddenly create ah-ha moments about structural racism.”
April 22, 2021
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Risky Business: Navigating a Shifting Health Care Landscape
Convened by
Betsey Lehman Center for Patient Safety
Nat Kendall-Taylor
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Nat Kendall-Taylor, Ph.D., noted that COVID-19 has forced many people to question their fundamental understanding of how the world works. Dr. Kendall-Taylor is CEO of Frameworks Institute, a non-profit research firm that studies the public’s understanding of important social issues and how best to frame those issues for effective communication. He described the value of using explanatory language to talk about complex topics, including patient safety and inequities in health care.