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Collective Caregiving: A Frame for Talking About What Kids and Families Need to Thrive

May 31, 2024

We all love our kids. We often love our neighbors’, friends’, and coworkers’ kids. So why haven’t we, in the U.S., built systems that support all of our kids?

If we want to build demand for communities, environments, and systems that allow each and every child to thrive, we will need a bigger and better narrative about what it means to care for kids.

In this brief you will find an overview of a new framing strategy for building support for kids–focused on collective caregiving–along with three recommendations for putting the strategy into practice. Each recommendation includes specific tips and examples of what it looks like.

For a deeper dive into the research behind this project and our methodologies, please read the full report here.

What Does Caring Mean?: A New Framing Strategy to Shift Thinking about Kids and Families