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How Is Culture Changing in This Time of Social Upheaval?

Comprehensive findings report: how are Americans’ mindsets shifting?
June 8, 2022

Is culture changing amidst the social, political, and economic turmoil of the past few years? If so, how?

The Culture Change Project is an ongoing investigation by the FrameWorks Institute designed to uncover shifts in the tacit assumptions and understandings that Americans are drawing on to think about social and political issues. The research explores changes in mindsets that shape thinking across social issues—like individualistic versus systemic thinking—as well as the more specific mindsets that people use to think about the economy, health, government, democracy, and racism. 

This report is the first comprehensive update on our research findings, coming after two years of deep investigation. The findings presented in this report are based on a combination of focus groups, in-depth interviews, and a first-of-its-kind nationally representative survey. A document with highlights from the findings is available here.

Thus far, our research is yielding important findings about how American mindsets are and are not shifting—from an uptick in systemic-level thinking, to emerging mindsets about how our political system works, to stagnant ideas about our health. 

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