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Use these customizable, shareable social media messages to amplify your advocacy for policies that increase vaccine access and uptake.

Tweet with healthy child development (Needs customization)

As a pediatrician in {state}, I know our local policies play a role in maintaining community immunity against serious childhood diseases. When kids in schools are vaccinated, kids in schools are healthy and ready to learn!


Tweets with the beginner text metaphor

When we immunize children, it’s a lot like helping them learn to read.

Vaccines are beginner texts that our bodies use to practice comprehending a virus. A literate immune system can keep kids healthy … so that they can focus on kid stuff (like reading the books they love!)

Just like a child learns to read over time, immunization teaches the developing immune system how to recognize and resist a virus, so that the child can keep playing, exploring, and learning.


Tweets that focus on public health

We all benefit from widespread community immunity to these diseases, thanks to vaccines:

❌ tetanus

❌ smallpox

❌ rubella

Immunizations help us live safer, healthier, and longer lives.

We all benefit from widespread community immunity to these diseases, thanks to vaccines:

❌ whooping cough

❌ mumps

❌ polio

Vaccination is an essential part of promoting good public health for all. Let’s not take it for granted!


Tweets with software update metaphor

Getting vaccinated is like updating your computer with the latest anti-virus software.

Vaccines provide the immune system with a set of instructions for detecting and reacting to viruses—and keep viruses from spreading through our communities.

Every so often our computers require a software update to get the info needed to protect themselves against network viruses. The schedule of routine vaccination is similar.

Each immunization prompts a child’s developing immune system to download the know-how to detect and react to a virus.


Tweets that focus on child development

When kids are healthy, they can focus on growing, learning, and thriving. Routine vaccination helps kids stay healthy, which is good for kids, families, and all of us.

Vaccination is essential because children’s immune systems get prepared to recognize and resist disease. Healthy kids can focus on being kids!


Posts for Facebook

Post about proposed legislation (Needs customization)

Just like a computer network can crash if we skip the anti-virus software update, schools and child care centers are at risk if we let immunization rates slip. That’s why, as a pediatrician, I {strongly support pro-vaccine requirements bill/ strongly oppose anti-vaccine requirements bill} so we can fulfill our duty to keep kids healthy and focused on being kids!


Posts with beginner text metaphor

Vaccines are like a beginner’s book that our immune system uses to practice reading and comprehending a virus. Just like we can still read long after we have moved on from picture books, the body remembers how to detect and react to a virus long after the vaccine has left the body. As a pediatrician, nothing makes me happier than seeing my young patients when they are healthy, growing, and thriving. Keeping them on track with their recommended immunizations is one way I help keep them that way!

To understand vaccines and why they benefit us, we must first understand how they work. I like to think of them as trainers that teach the immune system to respond to a virus, while not directly acting on the virus itself. Our immune systems listen to the trainer’s instructions, then get ready to spring into action when needed.

When our immune systems are ready to respond, we are less likely to get seriously ill if we are exposed to a particular virus like influenza (“the flu”) or chicken pox. And we are less likely to pass it on to others.

Let’s all train up! 👟💪


Post with software update metaphor

If your computer has ever crashed because of a virus, you know how hard it can be to get things running again … and how hard it is to get your digital tasks done in the meantime.

Why is your friendly neighborhood pediatrician talking about computer viruses? Because getting vaccinated is a lot like updating the body’s anti-virus software—otherwise known as the amazing immune system. Vaccinations keep our little ones focused on their developmental tasks, like laughing, playing, and learning.

When we speak up to encourage vaccination, we help our community’s “network” stay safe from preventable viruses.


Post that focuses on public health

Each of us plays a part in developing communities that are resilient, strong, and healthy. One way we can do this is by supporting policies and programs that keep childhood vaccinations widespread and easy for families to access, no matter where they live or what type of insurance they have.