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Americans see the value of education for their families—but it’s harder to see it as a public good. FrameWorks’ advice widens the lens.

Education advocates know that it can be hard to change people’s thinking. Efforts to move away from outdated practices are often met with nostalgic resistance: “It worked for me!”

FrameWorks research shows which values, metaphors, and stories can navigate unhelpful assumptions. Over the past decade, hundreds of advocacy organizations have used these framing strategies to help the public and policymakers think differently about the future of learning.

Explore these resources to find frames that:

  • Advance educational equity
  • Counter efforts to privatize public education
  • Build demand for personalized learning
  • Expand out-of-school opportunities
  • Foster STEM learning
  • Boost support for community schools

and more.

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Narrative Holes in STEM Storytelling: A Field Frame Analysis

The field of STEM learning advocacy is growing - but are we telling the full story? This study of organizational communications finds what we're leaving out.


Using Core Story to Frame CCSS Implementation: Promoting Productive and Hopeful Conversations About Education Reform

This short article is intended to be used by campaign participants to inform colleagues and other potential supporters about the logic behind the strategic framing approach. It’s the short...


Magic Bullets Hanging by a Thread: Cognitive Media Analysis of Structures of Education and Education Policies and Programs

FrameWorks researchers analyzed and identified dominant media frames regarding structures of education and education programs and policies.


Cognitive Media Analysis of Disparities in the Education System

The way the media covers educational equity and the "achievement gap" shapes public thinking. How can we reframe?


Weaving Skill Ropes: Using Metaphor to Enhance Understanding of Skills and Learning

This report presents "Weaving Skill Ropes" as an explanatory metaphor that helps people reason about the concepts of skills and learning.


“You Have to Have the Basics Down Really Well”: Mapping the Gaps Between Expert and Public Understandings of STEM Learning

This report examines expert and public perspectives on STEM education and informal learning.


How Media Portray Learning Space and Time

Media framing of where and when learning "happens" shapes public thinking about educational policy. How can we reframe the stories people hear?


Cognitive Media Analysis on Assessment

Standardized testing dominates media coverage of educational assessment. This study unpacks the implications for advocates working toward authentic assessment.


Overarching patterns in media coverage of education issues

FrameWorks researchers identified dominant media frames that cut across issues related to education.


A Hands-On Approach to Talking Learning and Digital Media

This MessageMemo summarizes the findings from research and provides communicators with a map for improving the public’s understanding of DML.


Information is the Main Ingredient: Using Metaphor to Enhance Understanding of Digital Media and Learning

How can we talk about learning technology and distance learning in a way that frames students as owners of their learning? Metaphors can help.


The Resilience Scale: Using Metaphor to Communicate a Developmental Perspective on Resilience

How can we talk about resilience in a way that disrupts people's assumption that it's all about inner strength and just a matter of "bouncing back?"