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Evidence-Based Policymaking

The science of continuous improvement and implementation often get lost in translation. It helps to frame data and the decisions it drives.

Implementing evidence-based approaches takes time, talent, and infrastructure. Applying communication science can smooth the path to more robust understanding and support for this important work.

FrameWorks found that metaphors can help non-specialists grasp the nuances of evidence and implementation issues. For example, to show that improvement science is a continuous process, communicators compare it to a navigation app that constantly refreshes data to provide directions.

Explore these resources on how to explain data’s role in doing what works.

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Topic #7: Talking about the importance of prevention

Framing COVID-19 Topic #7: Talking about the importance of prevention There are actions we need to take now to prevent and reduce future harm from the pandemic, but thinking and acting in this...

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Six Ways to Boost Public Support for Prevention-Based Policy

Communications strategies for advocates, activists, and researchers who want to build support for preventative approaches to solving social problems.


Framing Strategies to Build Understanding of Improvement Science

This brief lays out an evidence-based approach to communicating about the science of improvement in the education sector.


Making Public Health Informatics Visible: Communicating an Emerging Field

This report details the challenges that experts in public health informatics face in communicating with professionals who work in the field of public health.


“Just Do It” Communicating Implementation Science and Practice

How can we talk about evidence-based decisionmaking and implementation science in ways that build support for robust, intentional implementation efforts?


Science Does Not Speak for Itself: Translating Child Development Research for the Public and Its Policymakers

How can we translate the science of early brain and biological development? Partnerships between scientists and social scientists can help.


Cognitive Media Analysis on Assessment

Standardized testing dominates media coverage of educational assessment. This study unpacks the implications for advocates working toward authentic assessment.


How to Talk About Government

This Message Brief distills research findings and framing strategies, and offers a summary of key communications strategies on the issue.

Frame Testing Recommendations

How to Talk About Government: A FrameWorks Message Memo

This MessageMemo distills insights from a set of innovative, inter-related studies, and recommends ways to communicate more effectively about government.


Without a Mission: An Analysis of Qualitative Research Exploring Perceptions of Government

The title of this report, Without a Mission, reflects a central finding: people have largely forgotten the mission and values inherent in good government.