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Health matters to all of us, but people tend to think about it in narrow, stigmatizing, and fatalistic ways. Framing can help widen the lens.

Too often, factors and circumstances that shape our health are devalued or ignored. The public, elected officials, and some health providers tend to focus narrowly on lifestyles and behaviors.

Language can entrench and spread misconceptions—or it can unlock alternative ideas and perspectives.

Explore these studies to find frames that help explain the social determinants of health and health equity.

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Getting Stories to Stick: The Shape of Public Discourse on Oral Health

Building public support—and ultimately changing oral health care policies—requires that we tell a new story.


Beyond Awareness of Stigma: Moving Public Understanding to the Next Level

This report compares expert and public views of issues related to mental health and outlines the differences between them.


Public Discourse on Oral Health

This systematic content analysis explores how the news media and advocacy organizations frame oral health.


Reframing Oral Health

To elevate oral health issues, experts, advocates, and communications professionals need framing strategies that have the power to dislodge unproductive patterns of thinking and spark new, more...


Seeing the Spectrum: Mapping the Gaps between Expert and Public Understandings of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Manitoba

This report explores experts and public views of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) in Manitoba and “maps the gaps” between them.


Unlocking the Door to New Thinking: Frames for Advancing Oral Health Reform

How can we talk about oral health in a way that elevates its importance - and helps people understand its connection to health equity?


“A House, a Tent, a Box”: Mapping the Gaps Between Expert and Public Understandings of Healthy Housing

This study compares public and expert understandings of housing.


Reframing Public Health Informatics

Welcome to Reframing Public Health Informatics—a collection of evidence-based framing recommendations and sample communications designed to help the public health workforce talk about...


Making Public Health Informatics Visible: Communicating an Emerging Field

This report details the challenges that experts in public health informatics face in communicating with professionals who work in the field of public health.


Testing Usability: The Use of Addiction Explanatory Metaphors in Framing Public and Professional Conversations

This report summarizes the findings of qualitative research to explore how experts use three Explanatory Metaphors — Redirecting the River, Reward Dial, and Outcomes Scale — to communicate...


All Aboard: Explanatory Tools to Talk About Children’s Well-Being in Jacksonville

Systems thinking is hard - which makes explaining "systems of care" even harder. It helps to have a metaphor.


Framing Fundamentals for Multigenerational Approaches to Mental Health

Welcome to Framing Fundamentals for Multigenerational Approaches to Mental Health, a collection of framing recommendations, sample communications, and reference guides designed to help advocates...