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Everyone knows that good housing costs too much. But this isn’t changing policy. Different frames are important in addressing this issue and getting it right.

Although concern around housing costs is a regular feature in our public and media conversation, little changes in how the system works.

Framing can help. An affordability frame leads people to think in terms of personal budgets and individual responsibility. An availability frame, on the other hand, points people to the role of public policy in providing access.

The housing equity narrative needs to shift in its balance between “problems” and “solutions”. The movement’s challenge isn’t to convince the public that the system is broken; the challenge is to show that it can be fixed.

Explore guidance on how to frame housing, homelessness, and related issues here.

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Talking about homes: the foundation for a decent life

This report, supported by the Nationwide Foundation and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, explores how people think about homes, and how we can shape a new story – building public understanding...


Talking about homes: research methods supplement

This supplement provides detailed information on the research informing FrameWorks’ strategic brief on addressing the obstacles in public thinking about housing in the UK and leverage the openings.


Communicating about housing in the UK: obstacles, openings and emerging recommendations

We need a new conversation about housing in the UK, to build greater public support and action to deliver quality homes for all.


Communicating about Intergenerational Urban Poverty and Race in America: Challenges, Opportunities, and Emerging Recommendations

Emerging and longstanding solutions focused on what each neighborhood needs, crafted in collaboration with the communities that would benefit from those solutions, bring hope and new possibilities...


Moving from Concern to Concrete Change: How to build support for more social housing

The most effective way to build public support for creating more social housing is to frame it as a way of tackling poverty.


Moving from Concern to Concrete Change: Research Methods Appendix

This supplement provides detailed information on the research that informs FrameWorks’ strategic memo on social housing.

Frame Testing Recommendations

Piecing It Together: A Communications Playbook for Affordable Housing Advocates

How can we lead more productive public conversations about inclusive housing policy, community development, and affordable housing? This playbook helps us reframe.


Finding a Frame for Affordable Housing

Findings from reframing research on affordable housing and community development.


Reframing Homelessness in the United Kingdom

This report lays out an overarching framing strategy to help advocates in the U.K. expand public understanding of homelessness.


Reframing Affordable Housing: Findings from Peer Discourse Sessions

FrameWorks researchers observed small-group discussions (peer discourse sessions) to explore how people think about affordable housing - and learn which frames can change minds.


Finding a Better Frame: How to Create More Effective Messages on Homelessness in the United Kingdom

This report explores public thinking about homelessness in the United Kingdom and documents how the issue is framed in advocacy and media materials.


Mixing It Up: Reframing Neighborhood Socioeconomic Diversity

This comprehensive MessageMemo synthesizes FrameWorks research about socioeconomic mixing.