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Telling new stories can help people see the value of vaccines

Many of the ways that immunization coalitions, public health departments, and individual pro-vaccine commentators currently talk about vaccination have little effect — or the opposite...


What Does Caring Mean?: A New Framing Strategy to Shift Thinking about Kids and Families

Children and families in the United States lack the support they need—and some more than others. This is directly tied to how we think and talk about children in our society. If we want to...


Collective Caregiving: A Frame for Talking About What Kids and Families Need to Thrive

We all love our kids. We often love our neighbors', friends', and coworkers' kids. So why haven't we, in the U.S., built systems that support all of our kids? If we want to build demand for...


Better Gun Violence Reporting: A Toolkit for Minimizing Harm

News coverage of gun violence often inadvertently perpetuates stereotypical narratives about the people and communities most impacted. Typical coverage focuses on individual episodes of gun...


Is It Care, Or Is It Work?: Cultural Mindsets of Care Work in the United States

The future of care work is at a crossroads where new frames and narratives have huge potential to shift public thinking. During the COVID-19 pandemic, care was in the spotlight, and with that came...


Five Trends in Public Thinking about Care Work

How we talk and think about care in the United States has significant bearing on how care is organized in our society—impacting families, communities, and the economy. If we are to continue to...

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Beyond soundbites: issue framing in election season

The noise of a presidential election season makes it hard to avoid getting lost in the weeds of political rhetoric when communicating about the issues we work on. Right now, communicators must...

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Why the Parents’ Rights Movement (Still) Matters | Opinion

The parents' right rhetoric is powered, in part, by three distinct but inter-related cultural mindsets—implicit ways of understanding and making sense of the world.


Changing the Story of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Building a More Effective Narrative

Child sexual abuse (CSA) is preventable. There is strong evidence that programs focused on preventing abuse before it happens are effective, but these programs can be a hard sell for a...


Methods Supplement: Changing the Story of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Building a More Effective Narrative

In this supplement, we describe the research we conducted in which we designed and tested frames to address the challenges and leverage the opportunities in public thinking about child sexual...


Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Toolkit

The materials in this toolkit support those in the field to be better equipped to talk about CSA in ways that invite greater support and understanding for prevention. These materials can,...


Self-Made Individuals and Just Labor Systems: Public Thinking about Work in the United States

Workers in the United States face enormous challenges within the economy as it is currently structured. If we are to achieve a fundamental shift in power in favor of workers, rather than...