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2021 Year in Review

December 30, 2021

2021 Publications

At the end of a second year of cultural upheaval, it’s still feeling hard to find our footing. At times, we’ve stepped back into familiar daily experiences, only to find the ground under our feet unstable and giving way. We’ve marked out plots to plant our hopes – after the election, after the vaccines arrive, after this wave, after the ruling – that haven’t yielded what we’ve expected.

And yet, we do see growth. From child policy to community safety to social media oversight, new possibilities are emerging in the places where advocates have been cultivating progressive perspectives for years. Framing—the way we position ideas—has helped clear the spaces and till the soil for these new realities to take root.

While there is always room to grow is cliché, now is the time to grow seems perfectly apt for this unusual moment and the work happening all around us. So many of you have fielded smart, careful efforts to seed productive mindsets in freshly turned terrain. Such work rarely bears immediate fruit, but we see the shoots of new ways of thinking everywhere we turn.

As a progressive change sector, we have grown as well. We have adapted to new rhythms, new technologies, and new challenges. We have committed to breaking new ground and sharpened our tactics for cutting through chaotic conversations. We have dug deep to unearth the resolve we need, recognizing that seeding and nurturing the narratives we need is never easy, never accomplished alone, and never quite complete.

Throughout this long season of uncertainty, our partnerships with you have been a reassuring constant. We are grateful to be part of the many movements that are working hard to cultivate justice and wellbeing in an unfamiliar, and ever-changing, landscape.

In 2021, FrameWorks Institute:

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