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Communicating About Young People at Risk of Educational Exclusion in England: A FrameWorks Strategic Brief

We need a new conversation that centres on the needs of young people at risk of exclusion. Changing the public conversation is crucial to create an environment in which politicians and educational leaders feel obliged to be more responsive to young people’s needs, and less focussed on 'cracking down'.
Mia Aassar , Luis Hestres , Emilie L’Hôte, Lindsey Conklin
October 6, 2021

In this strategic brief, we summarise the findings from original research that the FrameWorks Institute has conducted, in partnership with Porticus, to understand existing public perceptions of this issue. For each of these findings, we outline core ideas held by the field and then contrast these with the public’s existing understanding of the issue. We trace how some of these ways of thinking stand in the way of needed reforms to the educational system while others enable people to recognise the need for these reforms.