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More Than Just Exercise: Media and Organizational Discourse on Physical Activity

If people recognize the importance of active lifestyles and the policies that enable them, then they are more likely to demand change.
Catasha Davis , Daniel Busso , Theresa Miller , Mackenzie Price , Michelle Segar
August 11, 2020

The FrameWorks Institute, in collaboration with Michelle Segar, PhD, Director of the University of Michigan’s Sports, Health, and Activity Research and Policy Center, conducted this research as part of a larger, multi-method project, sponsored by the National Physical Activity Plan Alliance (NPAP Alliance) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), to develop an evidence-based strategy for communicating more effectively about physical activity. The goals of the larger project are to design and test framing strategies that can expand public understanding of what physical activity is, the ways that it can benefit health and wellbeing, and how levels of physical activity among the public can be increased through structural-level change.