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Moving Toward Collective Health and Prosperity Means Putting Hunger and Poverty in the Rearview Mirror

December 21, 2023

The terrain of public thinking about hunger and poverty is fraught with unhelpful assumptions and associations—including harmful, dehumanizing stereotypes. Fortunately, certain helpful public perceptions and widely shared values exist as well, though these tend to require a bit more coaxing. As communicators, we need to tread carefully, considering the impact of not only what we say but how we say it, and even what we leave unsaid.

This strategic framing guide draws on a deep reservoir of culture and communications research by the FrameWorks Institute, covering a range of relevant social issues from food access and healthy housing to parenting and racial justice. The recommendations in this guide offer communicators and social change advocates an evidence-based framing strategy for productively shifting cultural mindsets and changing the public conversation about hunger and poverty.