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Reframing Farming: Strategies for expanding thinking about agriculture

As most of us now lack personal experience with farming, we also lack ways to understand what farming involves, who it involves, what is required to stay in business, and how it affects our environment and society as a whole.
December 22, 2022

This report is part of a larger body of applied social science research that the FrameWorks Institute has conducted in partnership with the Farming and Food Narrative Project. The project aims to equip agricultural voices to communicate more effectively about farming that respects the environment, does right by farmers and farmworkers, and ensures that the future of farming is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. 

This culminating report builds on two prior studies: The Landscape of Public Thinking About Farming identified patterns in public thinking that shape how non-experts reason about farming and good farming practices, providing new insights into the communications and advocacy challenges agricultural voices face. A second study, Understanding the Conversation about Farming: An Analysis of Media and Field Communications, analyzed media and field frames and storytelling strategies. 

This final report introduces new findings and recommendations.