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Building a New Narrative on Human Services

Welcome to Building a New Narrative on Human Services – a collection of framing research, recommendations, and sample communications designed to help leading voices explain the importance of...


Framing Child & Youth Development: A FrameWorks MessageBrief

The National Human Services Assembly (NHSA), an association of leading national nonprofit human services organizations, is in the process of “reframing” human services.

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Talking Points

The following talking points can be used flexibly—as a source of themes for longer written pieces, as short responses in media interviews or public appearances, or as set-ups to “pre-frame”...

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FAQs (Human Services)

Stay on message in the face of tough questions.

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You Say, They Think (Human Services)

Anticipate how messages go astray—and how to keep them on track.

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What’s in the Swamp of Human Services?

Visual summary of relevant findings from cultural models research.

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Quick Start Guide (Human Services)

Framing is a process of making choices about what to emphasize—and what to leave unsaid. Here's a quick tour of themes to avoid, compared with alternatives to advance.

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Value Card: Human Potential

Why does it matter? What's at stake?

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Metaphor Card: Construction

A metaphor for the many different ways human services promote well-being.

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Sample Legislative Testimony

This sample testimony for a typical budget hearing makes use of several reframing strategies. Instead of relying only on Numbers to make the case—merely offering information about how fat...

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Sample Editorial (Human Services)

This opinion piece models a way to advocate for very specific policy goals using the framing strategies recommended for the human services field. By using the Constructing Well-Being Narrative...