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FAQs (Public Health Informatics)

Stay on message in the face of difficult questions.

Toolkit File

Sample Grant Application

Follow the steps to reframing a grant application narrative in this “before and after” example.

Toolkit File

Metaphor GIFs

Download these Explanatory Metaphor GIFs to use in your communications.

Toolkit File

Metaphor Cards

Use these tested explanatory metaphors when communicating about public health informatics.

Toolkit File

Sample Presentation Slides (Public Health Informatics)

Download these editable, customizable PowerPoint slides to use in presentations about public health informatics.

Toolkit File

Quickstart Guide (Public Health Informatics)

Take a quick tour of communications themes to avoid, compared with alternatives to advance.

Toolkit File

Talking Points

Use these key messages to help build the public health field’s understanding of and support for informatics.

Toolkit File

Value Cards

Use these tested values when communicating about public health informatics.

Toolkit File

You Say…They Think

Anticipate how messages go astray—and see how to keep them on track.


Reframing Public Health Informatics

Welcome to Reframing Public Health Informatics—a collection of evidence-based framing recommendations and sample communications designed to help the public health workforce talk about...


Making Public Health Informatics Visible: Communicating an Emerging Field

This report details the challenges that experts in public health informatics face in communicating with professionals who work in the field of public health.