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Building Strong Brains in Tennessee

This impact brief traces the way that reframing has catalyzed better outcomes for children and families in Tennessee.


Talking about Child Mental Health in Tennessee

Welcome to Talking about Child Mental Health in Tennessee — a compendium of communications research and resources for helping the public better understand issues such as child development, child...

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Message Cards (Children’s Mental Health in Tennessee)

Download printable cards summarizing tested frame elements.

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Talking Points (Children’s Mental Health in Tennessee)

Review the key messages that are major themes when talking about Child Mental Health and Early Childhood Development.

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Sample Communications (Children’s Mental Health in Tennessee)

Op-eds reach a wide audience and offer an important but under-utilized forum for reframing the conversation about social issues. Blog posts and Letters to the Editor provide an opportunity to...

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Sample Tweets (Children’s Mental Health in Tennessee)

These tweets illustrate how communicators might incorporate the recommended Values of Human Potential, and Ingenuity as well as the Explanatory Metaphors of Levelness, Brain Architecture, Toxic...

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FAQs (Children’s Mental Health in Tennessee)

The vast majority of questions and comments that communicators hear from the public and policymakers can be predicted by the research-based “swamp” of cultural models on that issue. If you...

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Sample Presentation Slides (Children’s Mental Health in Tennessee)

Do you have an upcoming presentation that you are going to be making about Child Mental Health or about the System of Care? Use this set of PowerPoint slides as the basis for crafting your...

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You Say, They Think (Children’s Mental Health in Tennessee)

This chart offers helpful strategies for choosing the right tested frame elements to ensure that the message you say is the message people hear.


Framing in the field: A case study

Framing in the field: A case study CHILD AND YOUTH POLICY ADVOCATES are constantly called on to craft messages to support better policies for children and their families locally and nationally....