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Making the Case for Equitable and Just Public Education: Core Story of Education Messaging Strategies

The Core Story of Education has been successful in reframing public education, not as something that needs to be dismantled or built anew, but rather as a system with a strong structure and...


Telling Stories Out of School: Reframing the Education Conversation through a Core Story Approach

This toolkit is designed to help leading voices in the education sector to build support and cultivate demand for an excellent public school system by building public understanding of issues such...


Putting it Back Together Again: Reframing Education Using a Core Story Approach

Want more to go on? Explore this Message Memo, which synthesizes the research and its key implications. Download as a pdf or view the multimedia report for a glimpse of video data.

Toolkit File

What’s in the swamp of Education?

Visual summary of relevant findings from cultural models research.

Toolkit File

You Say, They Think (Education)

This handy chart can help you anticipate how messages may go astray.

Toolkit File

Talking Points (Education)

Review the key messages that are the Core Story's major themes.

Toolkit File

FAQs (Education)

Stay on message in the face of tough questions.

Toolkit File

Message Cards (Education)

Download printable cards summarizing tested frame elements.

Toolkit File

Sample Editorials (Education)

Models of how to take tested frame elements into advocacy on the opinion pages.

Toolkit File

Sample Letters to the Editor (Education)

For the public to engage meaningfully in discussions over major education policy shifts, they need help from policy communicators. Lacking a concrete sense of education as a system – and...

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Sample Tweets (Education)

It’s clear that social media communications are an important tool for reshaping the public conversation, offering a frequent and flexible venue to use frame elements. By responding in ‘real...


Talking About Disparities: The Effect of Frame Choices on Support for Racial Equity Policies

How can we talk about disparities in ways that prompt people to rethink assumptions, acknowledge the root causes of racial disparities, and support equity-focused policies?