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Framing the Refugee Resettlement: A Strategic Communications Brief

This strategic brief further explains the principles and recommendations found in this toolkit. Print and distribute it to advocates and communicators in the field to deepen their understanding of...

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Quick Start Guide (Refugee Resettlement)

Use this quick start guide as a reference when drafting communications. It identifies the framing recommendations in this toolkit and explains what to avoid and what to advance.

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Adapted Key Messages (Refugee Resettlement)

This resource outlines the talking points originally developed by MNDHS’ Refugee Resettlement Office and shows how to incorporate framing strategies into them.

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Powerpoint Slides (Refugee Resettlement)

This tool can help advocates and communicators structure their presentations based on the complete narrative of refugee resettlement. The slides include strategically framed bullet points and user...

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Infographic (Refugee Resettlement)

This infographic illustrates the visual story of refugee resettlement in Minnesota: why it matters, how it works, and the solutions for increasing support for policies and programs. We’ve...


How to Reframe Refugee Resettlement

This toolkit offers a set of framing recommendations for the Minnesota Department of Human Services (MNDHS) to use in developing a messaging strategy to build public support and understanding for...


Talking Transitional Work

This toolkit offers a collection of key documents from the FrameWorks Institute's research on how Minnesotans view transitional jobs programs, based on research conducted in that state in late...


Making the Public Case for Transitional Jobs Programs in Minnesota

This Memo reports on findings from the FrameWorks Institute’s research on how Minnesotans think about transitional jobs programs, the problems they address and the constituencies they benefit.

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FAQs (Transitional Work)

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions with reframed responses.

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Talking Points (Transitional Work)

Talking Points for communicating effectively about transitional work.

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Sample Editorial (Transitional Work)

This sample editorial is an example of a well-framed opinion piece about Transitional Work.

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Sample Radio Interview (Transitional Work)

This resource offers sample responses and talking points that could be utilized during an interview.