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How understanding mindsets about government can help us advocate for children

Guest post by Moira O’Neil and Nat Kendall-Taylor Few frames have had a swifter, more serious impact than the positioning of “parents’ rights” as a principle that should govern public...

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Talking about Health Equity in Rural Contexts

To ensure health and wellbeing for all, we must advance programs and policies that eliminate health disparities and address the underlying inequities that cause them. Yet the label for this...

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Reframing Health Disparities in Rural America: A Communications Toolkit

These tools and ideas were developed for and with local public health professionals who work to address health disparities in rural areas. In this collection of resources, local public health...


Two Tips for Talking about America’s Rigged Systems

If I asked you whether you think the system is rigged in America, you’d be likely to say “yes”—and you wouldn’t be alone. According to results from our February 2024 Culture Change...

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Telling new stories can help people see the value of vaccines

Many of the ways that immunization coalitions, public health departments, and individual pro-vaccine commentators currently talk about vaccination have little effect — or the opposite...


What Does Caring Mean?: A New Framing Strategy to Shift Thinking about Kids and Families

Children and families in the United States lack the support they need—and some more than others. This is directly tied to how we think and talk about children in our society. If we want to...


Collective Caregiving: A Frame for Talking About What Kids and Families Need to Thrive

We all love our kids. We often love our neighbors', friends', and coworkers' kids. So why haven't we, in the U.S., built systems that support all of our kids? If we want to build demand for...


Better Gun Violence Reporting: A Toolkit for Minimizing Harm

News coverage of gun violence often inadvertently perpetuates stereotypical narratives about the people and communities most impacted. Typical coverage focuses on individual episodes of gun...

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Election Year Framing: Introduction

In this video, Dr. Julie Sweetland introduces the Election Year Framing video series. Next Video: Question 1

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Election Year Framing – Framing and Emotions

How do we frame in a way that takes emotions into account?

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Election Year Framing – What’s Repeated vs. What’s True?

Is it true that people believe what’s repeated rather than what’s true?

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Election Year Framing – Counteracting Disrespect

How can I counteract the demonization and dismissal of certain groups?