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FrameWorks maintains an active schedule of presentations, briefings, and workshops.

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Change the Story, Change the World

An introduction to framing for the UK Baha'i Office of Public Affairs - and how when we change the story, we can change the world.


Framing Social Determinants of Health

Drawing on multiple bodies of FrameWorks research—including research on health and race—this presentations provides analysis of the primary barriers to and methods for advancing public...


Framing for Social Change

This workshop offered guidance on research-based communications strategies - and how to apply them - to make a strong case for supporting human service policies and programs.


Framing to Advance the Public Discourse

Generating support for actions that need to be taken now to address problems that we can’t yet see is a challenge. Effectively communicating about future benefits and the importance of...


Communicating About Social Research to Advance Social Justice

FrameWorks presented strategies for having more productive conversations about STEM learning at the Connected Learning Summit, convened by Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop.


Turning Down the Heat: Reframing Adolescent Substance Use

This workshop focused on evidence-based framing strategies to help advocates effectively communicate about adolescent substance use and the critical elements of a prevention approach.


Using Social Science to Translate the Science of Child Development

Developmental science has massive potential to inform policies that can better support children and families. But in order for this science to realize its potential for impact, we need to use the...


Framing Stories About Homelessness

Stories about the experience of homelessness matter. A workshop exploring how framing can help tell powerful stories.


Introduction to Framing and Framing Homelessness

A practical session exploring why framing matters and how we can frame homelessness to change hearts and minds.


Reframing Housing in the UK

Public thinking about housing is complex and fraught with ideas of individualism and consumerism. This presentation provides initial ideas about how the housing sector in UK can position messages...


Talking About Poverty

How we talk about poverty matters. A workshop with the 4in10 London network.