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FrameWorks maintains an active schedule of presentations, briefings, and workshops.

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Talking About Equity

Part 3 of a 4-part kickoff series involved identifying participants’ communications needs related to racial justice, equity, child development, and education in the context of covid-19, and then...


The Power of Explanation

Part 2 of a 4-part kickoff series focused on using several different explanatory tools in communications, towards the goals of consensus-building, persuasion, and enhanced public understanding.


Framing with Values

In Part 1 of a 4-part Kickoff Series, members of the Yale-Scholastic Framing Hub explored the strategic role of appealing to shared cultural values in communicating about issues related to child...


Six Ways to Talk About Poverty.

A workshop for the Turn2Us team, introducing their new framing guide.


Frame to Campaign: Challenges in Social Care

The first of three sessions on framing social care with UKHCA.


Taking the Next Step Testing and Mobilizing Frames

For evidence-based frames to have their potential effect on shifting understanding they need to make their way out into the world--they need to be mobilized. This presentation provides guiding...


Finding a Frame

Summit for the PA sector, ending the first phase and making a case for the second.


Finding a Frame: Using Communications to Unlock Change on Physical Activity

Members of the field of physical activity can use the science of framing to improve their ability to achieve change. This presentation provides results from the first phase of research that...


Reframing Housing to Move Public Thinking

Housing issues are fraught with framing challenges. Careful research can help us navigate these challenges and find narratives that move people to see housing as an essential issue to address...


Framing right, now

Advocates in Australia's Northern Territories have been creatively and effectively incorporating and applying framing research and recommendations. This presentation takes that practice to the...


What We Want to Say and What We’re Up Against

The child sector is working to design, test, and tell and a new story. This starts with having a clear set of goals (things that they want people to think, feel, and do) and a clear-eyed...


The Science of Framing

The science of framing can be used for more effective science translation. Here are six ideas that can help science communicators make their point and get their ideas through.