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Framing Community Safety: Guidance for Effective Communication

Framing Community Safety is a guide for nonprofits, community-based organizations, public agencies, and others who want to communicate more effectively with the public about community-led efforts...


Framing Community Safety: A Messaging Brief

This brief provides short guidance on how to reframe safety within communities when using the terms community safety, public health approach, and social determinants of health and safety.


Is Culture Changing in this Time of Social Upheaval?: Preliminary findings from Project Culture Change

Are the upheavals of 2020 shifting fundamental American cultural mindsets? If so, which mindsets are moving? And in what ways are they shifting?


Shifting Gears on Juvenile Justice

Welcome to Shifting Gears on Juvenile Justice—a collection of framing research, recommendations, and sample communications.

Toolkit File

Talking Juvenile Justice Reform: Using Strategic Frame Analysis® Can Shift Public Discourse

Just want the gist? Start here.

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What’s in the swamp of Juvenile Justice Reform?

Visual summary of relevant findings from cultural models research.

Toolkit File

The Swamp Glossary (Juvenile Justice)

Glossary of cultural models related to Juvenile Justice

Toolkit File

You Say…They Think (Juvenile Justice)

This chart offers helpful tips for choosing the right tested frame elements to make sure that what you say is what people hear.

Toolkit File

Talking Points (Juvenile Justice)

Review the key messages that will help build the public’s understanding and support.

Toolkit File

FAQs (Juvenile Justice)

Discover the research and analysis that informs our messaging strategy when faced with tough questions.

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Message Cards (Juvenile Justice)

Pragmatism, Brain Architecture, Air Traffic Control, Maze, Levelness, Scale, Gears

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Sample Blog Post (Juvenile Justice)

Blog posts provide an opportunity to influence public discourse by introducing a reframed perspective to the online community.