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Our Work

We use cutting-edge communications research to help organisations win hearts and minds.

At FrameWorks we conduct in-depth research into public understandings on a range of social issues. From these insights we develop and test language which will help organisations build support for change. We offer practical communications advice, strategies and content.

FrameWorks UK is the sister organisation of the US-based FrameWorks Institute. Together, we have more than 20 years experience helping mission-driven organisations adopt new ways of communicating that are proven to unlock helpful ways of thinking on important social issues. Our research on early child development, for example, has built public understanding and transformed policy agendas worldwide.

In the UK we work on a wide range of pressing issues including early childhood development, repairing the environment, and addressing inequalities.

Our approach              

Our multidisciplinary team of researchers map the gaps between public understanding and the evidence based messages organisations want to communicate.

We uncover the common beliefs, stories and mental shortcuts that shape people’s thinking. From these insights we develop and test different framing strategies to arrive at concrete recommendations that are proven to tap into more helpful beliefs.

We support our partners to ensure that they can use our research to shape the public conversation.

Find out more about our methodology here.

Our partners

We work with a wide range of change making organisations like Crisis, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Impact on Urban Health as well as campaigners with direct experience of the issues they are talking about and high profile public figures.

Work with us

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