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Sharing our research is part of our mission and key to our impact. Here’s how we’ve been working with partners across the US and around the world.

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Disrupting the Dominant Frame

In this classic interview with NonProfit Quarterly, FrameWorks founder Susan Nall Bales talks about FrameWorks’ mission, history, and impact in the wake of being named a 2015 Creative &...


Nine Nonprofits Awarded for Exceptional Creativity and Effectiveness

This release announces the news that the FrameWorks Institute was selected by the MacArthur Foundation as one of nine nonprofit organizations named a Creative& Effective Institution in 2015. The...

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Reframing Issues in the Digital Age: Using Social Media Strategically

Julie Sweetland, FrameWorks’ vice president for strategy and innovation, and Rob Shore, explain how to use “clicks,” “views,” and “likes” to tell a story that helps people understand...

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Disrupting the Dominant Frame: An Interview with Susan Nall Bales of the FrameWorks Institute, 2015 MACEI Award Winner

FrameWorks was founded 16 years ago by Susan Nall Bales.The core of its work is on how advocacy communications can be improved through the use of Strategic Frame Analysis. Bales is a veteran...

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The Case Against Rainy-Day Framing of Budgets and Taxes

FrameWorks founder Susan Nall Bales explains why public revenue and spending is every advocate’s “second issue.”

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Communications for Social Good

If foundations are more intentional in using communications as a tool for social change, and if they incorporate what is known about how the media affect individuals and groups into their...