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OPINION: The Invisible Contest Beneath Our Elections

It’s 2023, and what felt like a colossal midterm election now feels far, far behind us. As we move into this new year, it’s been interesting to observe how quickly our public discourse has...


Reframing the Conversation about Child and Adolescent Vaccinations

The purpose of this brief is to equip physicians, advocates, and public health communicators with the strategies necessary to effectively build understanding of and support for child and...


Sarah French Brennan, PhD

Senior Researcher

Culture Change Project Advisory Board

Michael Wiafe

Government and Community Relations Fellow, Inland Empire Community Foundation

Culture Change Project Advisory Board

Erica Williams Simon

narrative strategist, author, creative and interviewer

Culture Change Project Advisory Board

Jeff Parcher

Director of Public Affairs, Community Change

Culture Change Project Advisory Board

Dorian Warren

President and CEO, Community Change

Culture Change Project Advisory Board

Carmen Green

Vice President of Research and Strategy, National Birth Equity Collaborative


Reframing Farming: Strategies for expanding thinking about agriculture

As most of us now lack personal experience with farming, we also lack ways to understand what farming involves, who it involves, what is required to stay in business, and how it affects our...


Advancing Anti-Racist Education

How School Leaders Can Navigate the Moral Panic about “Critical Race Theory”

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Americans See Systems: Data Show an Opening to Advance New Thinking on Stubborn Social Issues

It’s time for foundations and nonprofits to invest in communications and narratives that center systems.

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The Story We’re Telling About Youth Mental Health is Hurting Our Kids

There are four problems with the youth mental health crisis narrative.