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Toolkit File

Talking Points

Short sentences and paragraphs demonstrating how the reframing recommendations might be used in communications.

Toolkit File

The Swamp

Create messages that engage the public more productively by predicting (mis)interpretations of your communications.

Toolkit File

You Say…They Think

Identifying the problematic default assumptions that interfere with public understanding of your message.

Toolkit File


Answers that apply tested communications strategies to the questions you are likely to receive about development and learning.

Toolkit File

Sample Press Release

An announcement designed for the news media—for the purposes of sharing newsworthy events or occurrences, framed to place them within a wider context.

Toolkit File

Sample Social Media Shares

Language which can be used as updates as part of social shares.

Toolkit File

Sample Letter to the Editor

An example of a letter that shows how to use framing recommendations in responses to current news items.

Toolkit File

Quick Start Guide

A one-page table summarizing the major themes of the reframing strategy.


Reframing Early Childhood Development and Learning in Alamance County

How can we build support for early childhood development in Southern, conservative communities? We conducted research in Alamance County, NC, to find out.


Reframing Learning and Development in Alamance

Welcome to Reframing Early Childhood Development and Learning in Alamance County—a collection of framing research, recommendations, and sample communications designed to support the work of...